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2006-05-08 From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego - Preparations
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From idea to start

The project for a longer journey existed for a long time in Tobias head. In the beginning the date for the journey was "sometime". Only, sometime is never in reality, so a limit was then set: before his 40th birthday.

In the year 2004, Ingeborg came in the picture as a potential journey partner. She also had a dream of making a longer journey in her life. After the first one-day routes and weekend routes as a passenger, she really enjoyed motorcycle journeys, and after the Greece route in the autumn 2004 it was decided that she would accompany Tobias on her own machine.

The spring 2006 was then specified as starting date. We also decided the route: Through Canada to Alaska, then through USA and down to South America. Some equipment had to be procured, much information caught up and Ingeborg had to get the motorcycle driving licence, before we could search for a suitable motorcycle for her.

At first we sat mainly before the PC, surfing the internet, read each quantity of reports on a journey and everything which with the topic journeys, motorcycle, equipment, health, political situation of the individual countries and so on... We had still enough time so we could go through everything completely without stress.

In May 2005 Inge got her driving licence and we began to look for a suitable motorcycle for her. After some test runs with different dealers, we decided to buy a used BMW F 650 GS with low seat.

Now Ingeborg had to get experience and collect km and as often as possible ride on the bike. It emerged as a true nature talent and after short time Ingeborg could problem-free drive with Tobias everywhere.

In October 2005 we made a test journey to Spain and Portugal to test various new acquisitions. Apart from a wiring accident at Inges 650er, everything went well.

In spring we began 1000 other little things with the inoculation, built the transportation crates for the motorcycles, looked for a forwarding business, booked a flight for us and had to be settled. Although we had very early begun with the whole preparation, it became nevertheless still somewhat stressing in the end.

On 4 May 2006 we had settled everything up except our homepage. The motorcycles were sent with the forwarding business and the things packed. Before the journey started, we drove the car to Sweden to visit Ingeborg’s parents, sister and friends, and to begin with our homepage.