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2006-07-18 From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego - Alaska
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Anchorage-Beaver Creek 6-7 juli 2006

In the morning, july 6th, we said goodbye to Nicole and the others at Alaska Riders, and left Anchorage - the most westerly point during our trip. We went to Tok and the canadian border along HWY1.
We reached the border and Beaver Creek the following day.
The stamp in our passports we got when we came to Alaska gave us three months in the US. We decided to leave it at the border to Canada and get a new one when we arrive in the US again, since we don't know how long we will stay in Canada and how long time we need to travel through USA. In this way we got three "new" months (for a cost of $6). Otherwise we would have to leave the states september 22. We think we will do tha anyway, but you'll never know...