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2006-09-07 From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego - USA
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Grand Canyon- Divide 30 aug-3 sept. 2006

Our journey continued north at Lake Powell, Utah. In Page, part of the Colorado River is now a dam, an enormous lake, in the middle of the desert. We visited Slot Canyon, where the rain has carved the sandstone to form a crevice. The incredible colours when sunlight hits the walls are just amazing.

We continued south to Arizona. In the Monument Valley we experienced a desert thunderstorm with storm and heavy rain and got wet to the bones. We crossed again the border to Utah and stopped off in a motel in Mexican Hat to get our clothes and stuff dry.

The Hwy 191 led us to the north in the Arches NP, north of Moab, with its red sandstone formations. Unfortunately the Campground was full and we had to leave the park in the evening. We camped in a ravine direct at the Colorado River instead.

Next day the ravine led us further to the north, before we headed of to the east and reached Colorado. We drove again into the mountains, past at Aspen and over the 3800m high Independence pass to Colorado Springs where we wanted to visit Al Todd and his family, which we had met in Sturgis at the Carols Campground.

We reached Divide, approx. 60km west of Colorado Springs on September 3rd and Al's neighbour Larry invited us to a great birthday party with BBQ and (too) much beer!

We looked forward to staying here a few days, both being in need of a good rest.

Km: 26807