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2006-12-13 From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego - Guatemala
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Ciudad Melchor de Menchos- Guatemala City 15.- 19. Nov. 2006

The border formalities were had fast settled and as we still the registration and disinfecting our motorcycles had then paid (approx. 8 EUR) could we drive on. After the border only once conclusion with Asfalt and over a holprige runway was continued it. Signpost/guide did not give it and in such a way had we with crossings or forkings to stop to guess/advise. But after twenty kilometers we already reached again a Asfaltstrasse or at least what had still remained between the impact holes. At the Mayaruinen of Tikal we drove past, because for culture e was again once viiiel too hot suns. On an adventurous ferry we crossed the Rio de la Pasion and stayed overnight in a schaebigen hotel full vermin and unfriendly owner in Sayaxche. One sometime ignores the Viecher on one constantly crawls and sleeps simply… On the next day it went steeply uphill into the Sierra de read Minas. At the localities one sees clear that Guatemala is a very poor country. Many humans live in primitive huts from wood or stone, often without river and water. Only few have work. On the markets the Mrs. Obst and Gemuese and hand-made textiles sell in multicolored colors. Loads transport it on the head. The people are very small and particularly the Maya warden rarely more largely as 1.5 meters. On 1350m over the sea we always reached the city in that it regent, Coban, with 20,000 inhabitants. Except to few days in April a regent e naturally also we were more shier always and welcomed with strong rain. We found a cosy hotel with considered parking lot after longer search and after tough price negotiations remained we then around half of the originally required amount. After the tropical temperatures of the last weeks was more shier terrible un cold and we sat in our thick Pullis there, which we had not no more used already eternally and explored the city in Regenklamotten. EEEs are very few tourists here and the people very friendly. At first it was for us that someone addresses us, without something sells very unusually to woollen. Completely differently than in Mexico… After three days we left Coban direction the south and crossed the Sierra de read Minas. The rain stayed in the mountains and the climate changed on chamfers mediterran drying. The road was good to drive on and except a few terribly soot-smoking penalty, old US-American school penalty, again painted in knalligen colors and shining Crom, was hardly traffic and we enjoyed it again once the outside ranges of our tires using and on an inclination followed the next one. SSSo reached we the valley boiler of Guatemala town center, the capital of the country, with 2mil. Inhabitants. With brisk was now only times conclusion advances. The city is dusty and dirty. By-pass road gives it no and also a sign-posting is missing nearly completely. Traffic rules exist, even if at all, only on the paper and one-way streets one recognizes by the fact that the steering wheels of the accomodating Fahtzeuge honk wildly fuchteln and. One honks sowiso with each offering opportunity and exists once no reason to honk, stop without reason one honks. The roads make innumerable smoking penalty uncertain. In whose one sees soot cloud nothing at all more and the face becomes black. One must be either start constantly on the hat, because her with full power before your nose loosely or puts a Vollbremsung down, without consideration for others and naturally always fully on the horn. To all abundance also still another enormous Weihnachtsmarkt was in the course, some roads closed and the chaos perfect. A bypass was naturally also not beschildert and in such a way schlaengelten we between the vehicles in the back-up through and reached themselves nevertheless still the other end of the city.

Km: 39,393