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2006-12-13 From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego - El Salvador
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El Salvador 5. - 6. Dezember 2006

The border crossing to El Salvador took three hours up. We had to fill out again once some papers, but except three US$ for copies of passport, driving licence and permission dismal no costs resulted. One sees immediately that El Salvador is a wealthier country than Guatemala. Everything is many more maintained and on good roads drove past we by the green mountains, at some volcanos. In San Salvador, the capital we got somehow off the main street and stood already in the middle in the weekly market. Contrary to Guatemala one sees nirgens Maya people here. After we had us between motorbuses and market conditions before beige pushing ELT, often we had bus between aluminum suit-cases, and, we found and left market conditions straight times 1 cm place back on the main street the city already again. In El Salvador it gives as well as no tourism and accordingly RSR is also hotels or camping sites, but it gives in completely central America also only completely isolated at the coast. Thus our harsh suppl. search lasted again once into the darkness. A man offered us to ahead-drive for 3US$ with its car and to bring us for a hotel. Unfortunately it after few kilometers the Sprit went out and it remained lying. Its colleague will come directly with Sprit, meant he. We had to in-permit however at all no desire and mood us on any nocturnal adventures and drove on. Finally we landed again once in a Sex motel, which looked here alike and function as in Mexico. Up to the border to Honduras there was on the next morning then straight times 20 min to driving.

Km: 40,105