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2006-12-30 From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego - Kolumbien
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Bogota - Ipiales 17. - 25. Dez. 2006

Thus we reach to the late morning the 17. December of Colombia capital Bogota on 2600m height. We were already very strained which us will probably expect here, because one was hoehrt louder bad stories over the country, however only of people those never there. We divided a taxi with two Swedish backpack tourists and drove in a Hostal in the north the city. The Taxifahrer held us by the doors to block and the windows closed to keep - for safety reasons. In the Hostal we had to then September-guess/advise in rooms sleep, because there is a woman and a Maennertrakt and the mixed rooms all are full. In the afternoon we explored the city and because it should have been nevertheless so dangerous left we the camera in the Hostal, which we repented later much. Bogota is a very much interressante city with many magnificent old houses and palaces in those the administration and museums is accommodated. There were an enormous Weihnachtsmarkt and the houses and churches also here is full candlelight demonstrations. In the evening the roads filled with innumerable humans, soda we hardly still to then go through could and we had constantly watch out that we do not lose each other. It has very much police and military in the city, but that was in the centralAmerican countries also not had we differently and also here the feeling in danger to never be somehow. Naturally we did not walk by any Slumgegenden and us were also conscious that in a city also over 6 Mil. Inhabitants also a few Gauner run around, but that is also not probably in every other (largely) city in this world different. On the next morning we already drove at eight o'clock with a taxi to the cargo airport. We adjusted ourselves for safety's sake already times to the fact that the motorcycles did not arrive and painted itself, which could have gone wrong in such a way everything. But to our pleasant surprise the Motos and the luggage had completely arrived. After we had settled the paper stuff separated only one approx. two meters high Ladekante the motorcycles from the road. Simply over the Gebaede around or also pushes was completely impossible, there ?high security zone? drives. With much we were allowed to then drive other societies and to gossip over the Hoheitsgebieht from two and not to use the ramp - why equivalent so? Apart from a few small damages the Motos welfare had arrived - it is not been anybody natural? The next 1.5 hours busy one itself with the question whether also we need an orange warning waistcoat with imprinted, reflecting characteristic like all native moped and Motorradfahrer or not. Finally we needed then nevertheless none and rolled in the early afternoon of the airport and had only once across the city. At traffic lights we again and again in demand by the cars standing beside us out from where? and where? And all wished us much luck. Will we need it??? At the crossings people also always sell woollen, other jonglieren the pesos a few with all possible articles or make otherwise feats and demonstrations in hope stand for something to get. The roads in Colombia are not duty requiring, however for motorcycles and at the a collection points are always a narrow trace for motorcycles. Only is the Motos substantially smaller than ours and sometimes became it here correctly closely. The country is very green and also the mountains is up to 5000m height bewachsen. Everywhere at the road of fruits sold and above all to Mangos gives it without end. The road led us from the Cordillera Oriental ever further downhill. In Giradod we crossed the Rio Magdalena and went into a small hotel somewhat outside of the city. Us equal something to drinking and in the evening led us the son of the house into the city into a restaurant was brought and again back into the hotel, soda we not to drive had.
Our journey direction northwest continued to go and to few kilometers came to meet us to Marion and Thomas from Germany with its motorcycles. We spent nearly all day long in a Café ˇt the roadside and exchanged our travel experiences. It became late afternoon to we by the two discharged and both we and it was it unfortunate that we are in opposite direction on the way. We drove then only about 20 minutes of far until Ibaque at the foot of the Cordillera cent ral and found the hotel, which the two had recommended us. The people were very nice also here and in the evening sat we with the family and the small ape Lorenzo together and had with much Rum over our journey and the life in Europe to report. We were before already often very glad that we had visited the Spanish school in Guatemala and middle-stayed can we us already completely well with the people maintained. Because it pleased us here so well remained we on the next day also still there and there Nachwehen from transport could to Bogota, weld let also equal the broken luggage carrier of the 650er. The people wanted not to let us go any longer, but until Terra del Fuego is it still another so long way and in such a way had we schwehren itself heart of this family to discharge. We received still by daughter Daniela of bracelets and Ohrringe given and by mummy and dad Mangos and a coconut and had for the two days living and eating nothing to pay. We were already somewhat sadly as we applied we probably know there that we will probably never again see these nice humans? Steeply it ascended then the Cordillera cent ral. Schwehr loaded LKW?s tormented themselves the mountain highly and in the close turns stand always people as a-wise there, which with this service a few peso expects. The road is partially very narrowly and often succumbs the old Brummis or penalty of the upward gradient. There a few meter behind the vehicle something bushes is then put on the road and if it must be the whole engine or the transmission developed and divides on the spot and repairs. On 3300 m we reached the Quindio passport, from which daring children and young person fell themselves in its tinkered soap crates the mountain down and also often into death. Over innumerable turns we screw again the Cardillera cent ral down and reach ourselves the Kaffeplantagen of Armenia. Along the Rio Cauca we came into the 1.7 Mil. Inhabitant city Cali, where at present the largest Salsafestival Latin America took place and therefore no free bed gave it more, anyhow not in our price range. Otherwise Colombia is a very favorable country and it gives here with distance the best coffee. We found however then nevertheless still another room with garage, however only for one night and also only with the help of a nice driver for it were natural that it ahead-drove us and showed the way. In the end excused it search still, because it was once wrongly bent? Our next goal was the old colonial city Popayan, where we remained a few days and celebrated completely comfortably Christmas. There were tourists except us none and also otherwise we up to the two Sweden to Bogota and the German Motorradfahrer none in Colombia probably saw here. Popayan has us very well pleases and we enjoyed it into partially nevertheless hectic driving of the city immersing and with the river of the people along-swim and a country experience in such a way like it is real, without Touristenrummel and Souvenierstaende with importunate salesmen like it the case is elsewhere.
Over passports and through ravines was then far direction the south. Traffic was so well more keener and we saw on the early morning already people in and before the restaurants sitting and the tables of full Bierflaschen. Beer-drink seem in Colombia a sunning and a holiday sport to probably be. The few cars those on the way were drove then also into strange Schlangenlinien? There are very few trees here in the southwest of the country. The mountains and author are with grass and Buschwerk bewachsen and also the steepest slopes gleam in the most diverse green tones. We reached the city Ipiales on 2963m, our last station in Colombia the close border to Ecuador. Before barracks in the city we remained calculated in the middle standing around us to orient. We were present surrounded of a heap soldiers and a quantity of Passanten and nobody knew now as correctly as it further to go should. As itself then however it put out that we are not terrorists those the barracks blow up to woollen were allowed we drive on and us a lodging for the night to look for. By Colombia we are very inspired. The country pleased us very well and also with humans to have we more than only good experiences made. The country may probably have problems relating to domestic affairs and a bad reputation and at some places must one stop a little watch out and other places evenly avoid if it becomes dark. We felt threatened here never uncertainly or and to be able this impressing country with his nice humans each to only further-recommend. About wehmuetig and nevertheless full expectation which us will next expect made we us in the morning 26. December on the way to the border after Ecuador. Km: 43,609