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2007-01-02 From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego - Ecuador
Updated: 2007-09-14   PHOTOS

Tulcan - Quito 26. Dez.06 - 2.Jan. 07

At the border one wanted to see a Carnet de Passage. We had however none and that were then also no problem, got entry papers for the motorcycles issued, stamps into the passports and war?s already. Everything went quickly and uncomplicatedly. Again it went over green passports and through still greener Taeler. The roads are also here duty requiring and differently than in Colombia must also motorcycles there duty pay. Our first station was Otavalo amn foot of the 4900m high volcano Cotacachi. Largely and powerfully he stands himself there and one knows the enormous forces, which become free with an outbreak something to present. Highly the steep flanks hand the houses up as if one wanted to thus calm the Gods of the fire. Only briefly was us a view to completely upward gestattel, before the giant wrapped itself again in clouds. We strolled by the Indiomarkt in the city, that to most famous and most colourful South America count and accordingly largely were also the offer at art and Kitsch? The offer at accommodations with garage or parking lot was less large. We found then however nevertheless a diagonal descend, which is probably more an hour hotel and had to then pay for the parking lot specially. It could not be photographed at the night rained and also on the next morning was Cotacachi ready unverhuellt. To approx. 50 km the equator and to short photo break already again to far direction Quito went to far reached we, since we had to procure there new gasoline filters. In the last days our motorcycles did not want any longer so completely correctly. The capital of Ecuador lies embedded in a high valley on 2850m, surrounded by volcanos. The valley is not very broadly and in such a way pulls itself the 1.5 Mil.Einwohnerstadt into the length. The BMW workshop was easy to find, since it is directly at the main access road from the north. In the workshop we met Ricardo, us offered with it to live. There we the Motos on the next day to only carry forward could drove we with a taxi to its house. From here there was straight times 15 going minutes in the center of the new city and in the next days explored we the area and worked on our side. Everywhere here life-large dolls are sold, which are burned to Silvester. They symbolize persons, with whom one was not content in the old year. Usually they represent, in addition, football player etc. to politician. To Silvester disguised men are on the way also as women, who drive on the cars on the road to stop and only read if they get money. One should let its vehicle stand on this day better, because a city crossing can become ?somewhat expensive? otherwise, since one is really stopped every few meters and Quito approx. 50km is long. We were on this day in the old part of town and went back with the taxi. Much did not probably remain for the driver of the Vahrpreis. In the west of the city an aerial ropeway leads on 4100m. From there one has a good view on the city down and it gives even correct glow wine. The sun is very strong in this height and one must hoellisch watch out that one does not catch oneself a sun pass. The New Year's Eve we spent with Ricardo and saw from the terrace the fireworks over the Stad and also the dolls burning. At the first Jaenner we drove to the Aequatormonument, 23km to the Mitad del Mundo, north the city. A further times we made our luggage smaller and to send a package with louder ?unimportant? things home before it far direction the south go.

Km: 43,979