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2007-01-11 From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego - Ecuador
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Quito - Macara 2. - 5. Jan. 2007

As we us in the morning 2. Jaenner of the nice Ricardo Rocco discharged were from free-usual, like he us in the BMW workshop had offered, no more the speech and we had 30 US$ per night to leaf and in such a way became this place the most expensive lodging since Alaska. With a new friend more that to its Word does not stand left we the city, after we had spent two hours at the post office where we our package with the redundant Kilos then also loose-became and to hope that it arrives also at home. We drove direction the south and moved always between 3ooo and 3500m height and it became somewhat cool. In leaving, at the foot of the snow-covered 5897m to high volcano Cotopaxi, who was wrapped in clouds unfortunately totally, we found finally again once a sign on a camping site referred to, which we did not find then however and so we set up our tent simply at the edge of forest and were gladly finally again once to campieren. On the next morning it had light fog, which dissolved however soon however the clouds around Cotopaxi held itself persistent and we did not drive on so around midday longer to decided then wait and, because the 10 US$ entrance into the national park would have themselves in this weather not paid. In Ambato we left the Pan Americana and drove on a side street to Bañ¯³® There fieng it to rain on and the road after Riobamba was by an enormous Murenabgang buried and in such a way remained for us nothing else as the whole distance after Ambato again to go back and nevertheless the Pan at after Riobamba to take. The Lago Colta with Stgo. de Quito did not offer the hoped for Campmoeglichkeit. A steep winding road led far direction the south by the mountains of Ecuador. South of Alausí ©t became then also still foggy and the road the runway. We were glad at the latest now the fact that we had nevertheless exchanged our driven off Strassenreifen in Quito for our Stollenreifen, which we since new Mexico with us dragged and also our luggage had facilitated. In the Schrittempo we groped along through that ever more closely becoming fog. In parts we had to descend and not to look for to foot the way over into the abyss to fall. We found a hotel in Chunchi and slept badly in a dirty room with unbenutzbarem bath. On the next morning the fog had twisted itself and the skies was blue. Now we saw finally something from the landscape. We drove the steep mountain-slopes for hours along. The area is not very varied impressing, but. The road of full holes and partially runway. Over Cuenca went to Loja, there again over a small passport and then almost endlessly downhill. We found close Catamayo in a sugar tubing field a cosy Plaetzchen for the night and it were again once so correctly warm. Beside the stars also thousand flying Gluehwuermchen illuminated the night and a small brook gargled at our tent past. Again it did not go on a small road end-wanting through the mountains. Often directly at the degree along on that the road straight times place had. On the left and on the right the abyss. Past at tiny localities and individual houses with those red bricks in manual work to be produced and burned. Humans here really live at the A. of the world. The full green of the mountains yielded slowly and the area became drier. We screwed turn around turn in the depth and it became warmer watching. From over 3000m went down there on 500m where we the small Grenzstadt Macara and the Pan Americana reached. We wanted to cover ourselves up here again with gasoline however at none of the four gas stations in the place gave it which and everywhere hies it ?NO hay?. We would have had to go back over one hour to we to the last gas station would have come, which we did not want then in addition, and so we rolled for border station at the Rio Macara and were already strained on the deserts of Peru. Km: 45,005