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2007-01-11 From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego - Peru
Updated: 2007-07-24   PHOTOS

Suyo - Huaraz 5. - 11. Jan. 2007

The border crossing took place rapidly and uncomplicatedly. The Peruvian customs officers were extremely friendly and forestalling, we were otherwise not used to which. A few curves still complete already we led in different world around some a rock and after few meters were. We drove nevertheless evenly still by green mountains and now are flat the country dust drying and. Between the dry trees are only stones and sand and everything have the same grey-brown color. One is also somewhat blunted, if one sees poor humans in its huts, but which we got here to face exceeded everything which we so far saw with far. That no huts are or houses, but only impacts from branches and dirt without window and usually not even a roof, naturally without river and water and the people in rags wrapped. The Pan to is not in very good condition and except para a truck' s traffic, for it a quantity of donkeys, sheep, pigs and dogs. We drove around km however no gas station to km into view. The 650er went out slowly the Sprit. We reached the first city Suyu, which consists only of windowless huts of air-dried bricks. Everywhere garbage lies about and it stinks after Excrementen. At least there is a gas station, if also only with 84 oktanigen Sprit, which costs for it however proud 4 US$/gallon (=3.88l). Enormous amounts of garbage accompanied us into the next, somewhat larger city Sullana. The roads are full rattling Mototaxi and the only passenger cars' s to see are are Toyota Corolla combination, likewise all taxis. One sees private cars as good as none that does not surprise with these gasoline prices enormously high in the comparison. The city probably lives on Mangos and Limonen. Innumerable trucks' s truck these fruits by the area and everywhere in the city and also outside are offered mountains of it for the sales or wait for the evacuation. We bought a giant bag fully to Mangos for approx. 20 €Cent. By dust-dry country we drove to the coast where we in close proximity to Paita our tent at the beach impact could and had maintenance with a girl grade, which had in the evening plentifully straight bath day. Dead-straight it went through the Desierto de Sechura, a sand desert. Starting from Chiclayo the road more or less runs at the sea along by appearing endless dust-dry country. At the local entrance of Salaverry, a eigendlich hopeless small place approx. 9km south of Truchillo, we discovered “El Pueblito”, a messuage with Cabañas, an artificial lake with Wasserfall, Schwimbad, restaurant and greener meadow. Surrounded is from the outside invisible all by a six meters high wall and. Only an enormous, multicolored sign at the road refers to it. We were allowed to set up our tent at the children's playground. It was Sunday afternoon and a quantity the matter. We already adjusted ourselves to a long, loud night, because a few meter beside our tent gave its best to live volume. At 17 o'clock had disappeared the whole Spuk however past, nearly all people and peace in-turned. It was to be sat its own feeling in this artificial oasis with all luxury in the middle in this dry area surrounded from poor Leuden to, separately by the wall and Stacheldraht. We were allowed to use also the shower in one of the Bungalows, which we had completely besides noticed urgently necessarily, and there was for a long time again once correctly hot water much of it and not only a pencil-thin jet as usual. Because it had fallen us so well inserted we tags on it one quiescent day and remained in our “golden cage”.
A further times went it with much head wind through the desert direction the south. With enormous expenditure and artificial irrigation enormous sugar tubing fields are drawn from the sandigen soil. Before Chimbote we left for the time being once the Pan to and drove on a stony runway the Rio Santo along into the mountains. The valley became ever closer and we constantly won at height. The way is partly from the senkrechten wall and some dark tunnel leads by the Cañon del Pato, one does not end to wanting close ravine. With break-down of the darkness we found at the southern end of the Cañon an even Plaetzchen for our tent on 2100m. A small fox carried us out in the evening society and already soon crept we into our sleeping bags. After asterisk-clear night we had only noche in few kilometers runway, before we came Asfalt. The valley became the first green was again to be seen again more broadly and also. Past at fields and some mines we reached the city Huaraz on 3000m, embedded between the Cordillera negra in the west and the vergletscherten six-rope transmitters of the Cordillera blaca in the east. We quartierten ourselves in the Hostal “El Cabaña” there a this over a kitchen and a parking lot ordered and went with giant hunger for the first time into the city. In the last days the offer at food had been quite poor. In the late afternoon it began to rain and the Themperaturen PUR-tents within minutes in the cellar and it snowed nearly into the city down. Huaraz is a center for mountain climbers and it has some outdoor business in the city, in addition, we looked in vain here for a thermometer, since in Mexico its spirit to ours up had given and we looked since that time everywhere for replacement. Km: 45,915