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2007-03-24 From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego - Bolivien
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Die Rückkehr 6. - 16. March 2007

Naturally the thing with the new passport has folded like we that gladly would have not in such a way had and so had we our home flight to shift. In the meantime we fell down bicycles over the Camino de, lent by the 4725m high La Cumbre passport with, la muerte ourselves in downhill after Coroico on 1200m and landed from the cold, bald Hochebene of the Altiplano in the schwühl hot jungle of Bolivia. With four days delay reached Ingeborgs new passport then La Paz and we wanted in the morning 14. March the airplane after Maiami mount. That was not possible however, since one needs a visa for an emergency passport for the USA, even if one must only transfer. After further Rennereien we got this also within a daily, although the whole procedure takes normally approx. one week. At the 15.März it was then really so far and we sat in the airplane. After 30 hours we reached then Zurich. That our luggage had not come surprised us then also not more particularly, but it should soon is forwarded. Their own feeling again at home to have been and somehow we have at all the feeling 11 months not have away been. Eigendlich arrived here only our bodies. Our heart and spirit are still in South America, total a different one, strange world, which trusts us nevertheless in such a way became and which had pulled us despite all difficulties and not always simply to overcoming obstacles into its spell and leaves no longer loose. Inge-borrow is now one week in the hospital, but the physicians grope still in the dark. We are confident that also this history will find a good end and we our large adventure in October to continue and presumably in Buenos Aires to terminate be able. Nüziders, 24. March 2007