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2007-10-25 From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego - Bolivien
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on the road again! La Paz - Villazon 4.- 18.Oktober 2007

After Ingeborgs health was restored and the summer we had spent in Europe, we sat on 4 In October 2007 in a plane once and reached after a total of 30 hours flight time (2x change) suedamerikanischen ground at the airport of El Alto, La Paz on 4000m and M. in Bolivia.

Like the last time was our accommodation Hostal Milenio, and it was almost like a coming home.
In the thin air at this altitude, we quickly gewoehnt and spent the weekend with sunshine and pleasant Themperaturen in the city.

So fresh from Europe fell poverty us here now especially.
Many people have only what they carry on the body, sleeping on the street and ernaehren from Muell, to whom she is still with the countless masterless dogs must contend.
But there are also many empires, which is next door, but in a completely different world to live ...

In these days we also celebrated 25 years of democracy in Bolivia and everywhere we saw Umzuege, parades and demonstrations for greater equity between rich and poor.
The people are with the government of President Evo Morales is not very happy.
He has eingefrohren wages and intends to nationalize many businesses and so nobody want to invest and the economy is more and more "down the stream." Not even in their own houses to the people judge something because they do not know whether the house maybe tomorrow belongs to the State.

We visited Maria Elena, to us the last time so many had helped, as we in Peru with the customs and ueberreichten had around her as a small Dankeschoen a book about Vorarlberg and they invited us fit into the theater, where we in the private lodge their their employer, the mayor of La Paz, sat.
With our clothing is not just reasonable, we were just intensiev regarded as the actors ....

Our next road fuehrte us Nosiglia sport in the Zona Sur, where our motorcycles waited on us.
We had some spare parts in the process had to be built and after a further three days, we will also begin after we have with food eingedeckt had, since they are in the next time more than just getting spaehrlich should be.

Tapfer kaempften us by the millions Verkehrsgewuehl the city and were then already in the lonely expanse of the Altiplano, a 170,000 km2 large abflusslosen plateau.
We drove towards the south, according to Uyuni, where we had to cancel in March.
From the city Challapata went back on the runway, which is now in much worse condition than six months ago and since it was already happening:
Ingeborg uebersah a sandy hole and the result was a kapitaler About shock, but apart from a tuechtigen horrors and a few blue spots remained without consequences.
The 650s already made on the second day of back problems. Was she in La Paz angesprungen perfectly still, they wanted the next morning, no more, from now on, we had them every morning anschleppen, was on the sandy slopes is a special pleasure.

Well, we reached the durchgeschuettelt about km2 big Salar de Uyuni, since he was this dry, we went about the stony-hard salt crust to Isla Pescado, an island of volcanic rock with her, up to 1000-year-old cactus, in the midst of white gleissend Salars.
In a cove, we the tent and saw another bitter night at 4000m under huge starry sky and absolute silence ...

In Salpeterstadt Uyuni covered us with food, fuel and drinking water, and were the salt of the Salars aggressive from the motorbike wash.

We decided for the runway after Tupiza, because we on the Passo Jama from Argentina to Chile from further entering wanted, and not directly from Bolivia, as we hoped that the runway something better to drive.
The ersren few km went pretty well, but soon switched to uebles corrugated iron with miles of soft sandy passages.
For all about flow went even the rear of the 650s Stossdaempfer broken.
From now on, it was announced snail's pace, and so we went with 10-20 km / h through the endless, empty expanses of the Altiplano. Lamas and a few small birds are the only living beings. Except a few ants, there are no insects up there, no Maeuse, nothing ...
We now had much opportunity this grandiose Wuestenlandschaft to enjoy, although we do with the Lebenmittelvorraeten something had to be economical, since we are now much longer are.
We could look at the sunsets farbenpraechtigen did not look tired and crawled into the bitterly cold nights in our sleeping bags.

Then, we reached the edge of the Altiplano and mountains hung in the clouds.
With light snow ueberquerten we Paesse the Cordillera de Lipez and past armseeligen mines settlements went downhill, in deeper regions and it was slowly warmer.
The area is still dust, but grew gradually came back something like Gebuesch and cacti.
We made station in Tupiza at 2990m and drove to a much better than before moving runway, through a broad valley with green trees, and then something about a higher level after Villazon, the border to Argentina.

Km: 50,834