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2007-11-08 From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego - Argentinia
Updated: 2007-11-08   PHOTOS

Cordoba - Paso de Jama 25.Okt. - 5.Nov. 2007

We took advantage of our stay in Cordoba get our equipment back up to code something.
In addition to the linen took our tent once a gruendliche cleaning for the full dust off.
The weather at that time was very different:
Was it on the day still 40 degrees C, so it was on the next day covered with just cool 13 degrees C.
Often a stuermischer wind was blowing and it was raining again, and even saw the tent after two days just like before laundering.

Cordoba itself is rather uninterressant, halt just a city.
At the campsite fuehlten we probably. Every school day, to give yourself Outdoortag to spend, and the many dogs who live here in the park, we had names. The huge Froesche in the nearby stream laichten remain nameless ...

We were happy but then, when the new spring leg of 650s finally arrived and was installed and we Cordoba on 2 Nov. at the Ruta 38 to the NW finally leave.
The first 100km schlaengelte, the road through a valley with lakes, then again straight through Salzwueste with Dornenstraeuchern and giant cacti to lead.
Again and again emerged, albeit rather small tornadoes, the sand and dust several hundred meters into the air and momenta had hoellisch watch us, that none of us caught.
In this flat area we saw them but always early enough and could either stop or something more gas to give them to escape.

Next was always NW direction to the mountains and soon appeared snowcapped peaks of the Andes.

Along the Sierra de Quilmes, we rode on the Ruta del Vino by vineyards with praechtigen Bodegas.

From Cafayate leads from the Ruta 68 by the Valle de Lerma winding through a bizarre, red rock formations and along a small river, the ueppiges Gruen springs laesst.

Noerdlich the city of Salta and we met Ulli Mathias, with their motorbike also on the direction of Tierra del Fuego.

After our "little spring leg detour" from 2.600km, we reached the junction of Route 52 in the north of Argentina.
Unzaehlige bends, which is something to Stilvser yoke remind us in a short lead time to a height of 4.200m, and this elevation was then continue on the Salinas Grande and the Salar de Olaroz to Paso de Jama, the border


KM: 53,862