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2007-12-10 From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego - Chile
Updated: 2007-12-10   PHOTOS

Villarrica - Paso Mamuil Mamal 28. - 30. Nov. 2007

It was announced early rise because of the 2800m high active volcano Villarrica should be climbed.
The bus was about 6 o'clock early in the 25 km distant city Pucon, where we have the equipment ausfassten and then continued at the foot of the mountain.
In the valley, there were fog.
With a lift to the maximum with us still in a museum, it would see the first few meters elevation the hill and out of the fog.
The last winter here in Chile was a century winter, the snow was quantity, and so the glacier was still under a 5 meter thick snow cover.
Otherwise, there, too, the global felt warm and the glaciers are rapidly back.
At about 14 o'clock, we had then reached the crater rim, but instead of a look into the abyss on the boiling lava or down to the valley, there was only fog and storm.
The Schwefeldaempfe burned in the lungs and entteuscht made us back to the descent.
On the ground, we could trousers nearly the whole mountain hinunterrutschen, which is made fun, but that we were not hochgekommen.
When we arrived back in Pucon, had distorted the fog was still aergerlicher was of course ....

Over the next two days, but then deteriorated in the weather zusehens and so it remained in one attempt and we drove on.

It was heading east on a good run at the mobile Paso Mamuil Malal to the border with Argentina.

KM: 58,356