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2007-12-10 From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego - Chile II
Updated: 2007-12-18   PHOTOS

Futaleufu - Coihaique 5. - 10. Dez. 2007

At the deserted border with Chile, we were the only customers, and none of the officials wanted in the cold, to check our baggage, and so we were able to once again smuggle food into the country.

By a narrow indeed leads the runway the Rio Futaleufu along. Clouds haengen in the mountains and it begins to rain.
In Villa Santa Lucia we meet the Carretera Austral, the most beautiful dirt road in the south of Chile by the cold rain forest leads, untouched wilderness, as well as deserted.
Rarely we come to Gehoeften past and small towns. The people here live far away from everything.
That is more or less continuously raining stoert us eigendlich did not even so much. It is a fine Spruehregen and not as unpleasant as large rain drops.

In Puyuhuapi we reach the Canal Puyuhuapi, a long narrow fjord.

It begins the Carretera Austral and increase later on tar. Eternal shame to the narrow runway, and then only if once a wide road leads to here is it with the tranquility and Eisamkeit probably over.
At a construction site, and we met Ulli Mathias, which we few weeks ago in the north of Argentina were met.

The runway fuert again something in the mountains and it schuettet as buckets
On Lake Las Torres, we find a campsite with two "Refugios" (= 3; walls and a roof).
In one, we at the tent in front of the other and we made a fire for us to waermen and our things to dry.
In a rain break Tobias went with Miguel from the campground on the lake, and fished a Brown Trout, a Lachsart, then on the grill grate landed.

In MaƱihuales we see in a kind of rodeo, and then reach the city Coihaique.
Since faert be deserted for days through woods on a narrow dirt road without traffic, and arrives in a city with 43.00 residents ...

Two kilometers outside the town, we found a campsite. It is bitterly and repeatedly regenet it, or better said, the rain is always a short break and it winds.
The right weather for camping and Gluehwein to drink.

KM: 59,719