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since May 2006  

Hi and welcome to Tobias and Ingeborgs homepage!

Here you can join us on our motorcykle tour from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego (south america). We started our journey May 27, 2006, and did a short brake in march ^07 and since oktober ^07 we are on the road again!

NOTE! This english version of our homepage is translated with "Google", so sometimes you need a lot of imagination. Please be patient, we are working on it!

We also wants to thank you all who helped us in all kinds of ways, to make this trip possible.

Thanks to:

Emma Brynils - Ingeborgs sister who made this homepage
Heinz and Gabi - Tobias parantes, who looks after our flat and takes care of our mail
Rupert and Manuela - Tobias brother and sister in law, who takes care of other practical issues
Peråke Brynils and Ann-Sofi - Ingeborgs father + wife, for the sheep skin and all the other things!!!
Ann-Mari Brynils - Ingeborgs mother for always being there and her good advices!!
2Rad Loitz - for the transportation crates
Erich Cazolli - for the change of the transportation crates
Peter Rietzler, tinsmith - for the use of the workshop
Harys motoshop - for the good service and all help with our bikes
Silke - for changing our motorcycle clothing
Hans-Peter Perfler - of the VLV-insurance - for the deduction
Frank Stecher - for the consultation in financial questions and insurance
Helmut Peer, Arlberger Bergbahnen - for economy and insurance questions
Barbara Mundle - for the establishment of contact for forwarding business for motorcycle transport to Canada
Klostertaler Bergbahnen - for the promise that Tobias will be hired again when we get back
Daniela Schapler och Alex Strobel - for the cheap tires and for bringing them to us from Germany
Nicole Burtscher - of the OEAMTC - for their good consultation
Kin Schönning - for the ID necklaces
Fam. Brynils - for Ingborgs new camera
Konrad SalzgeberUniqa insurance for good consulation
Pierre for Maplesirup
Mr McKell for driving us to the Bank
Walter for air and wierteire
Jessie and Matt for Beer and Liquer
Dennis for EVERYTHING!!!
Nancy and Chris for Bed and Breakfast
Nicole from Alaska Riders for using the Computer and the Buisnesscards!!
Ken and Shirly from Pemberton for camping, nurcing and to make us feel like home. Thanks....